BCSDAA Reunion 2015

I recently had the opportunity to perform for BC School For the Deaf Alumni Association (BCSDAA) 15th Reunion. It was incredible. Right from walking into bottom floor of the building (Burnaby, Hilton Hotel) shivers started to run up my back. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a building full of hundreds of deaf people, but it’s an indescribable feeling. The only sounds through out the room are claps from signing, & a few lol’s. 

Primarily, I met up with Terry G, BCSDAA Board Member (re-elected for the 7th term since 1980) & my contact for the event. We communicated briefly, based on the small amount of sign language I learned before the reunion. Next, Terry led me to the translator & we communicated through her. We figured out some of the logistics, & then it was time to begin performing. 

Having performed for tables at restaurants with deaf customers, I knew the magic had to be visual, while simultaneously not rely on my voice as misdirection. Knowing this allowed me to select a variety of effects that would suit the event. With all that said, you know the whole heightened sense theory when it comes to deaf or blind people..? It’s totally true.

Right from the get-go, I noticed these audiences were incredibly perceptive & just visually intuitive. Things that would normally go unnoticed when I could use my voice (or not pause for the sign translation mid performance), wouldn’t work as well with this crowd. Not to mention, there were a few magician members in the audience also, but that’s another story entirely. So now I’m forced to think on my feet, try out a few different effects & see what’s getting the best reactions. Then continue with those magic effects to the other tables. & to my luck, it was beginning work, & the magic tricks were giving the desired effect; astonishment. 

The reunion continued this way for the next two hours, full of wonderful unique reactions, kind guests, & an eventful experience for all. Terry eventually communicated to me that another speaker was coming on, & that my time was up. We both thanked one another & I took the elevator down to my vehicle below. The entire way home I could not stop thinking about how cool the entire night was! To perform two hours of magic for people who cannot hear, has left me contemplative & smiling solid for a week now.

Thank you to Terry G, & everyone who helped me be a part of the BCSDAA Reunion 2015. 

Kind regards, 

Joel Eddington


p.s more pics coming soon.